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Re: playing w/ dj's

Nope, a turntable isn't a musical instrument no matter how great it sounds.
It might be supremely innovative and sometimes original how some folks
utilize such an electronic device or sampling unit for that matter to 
(or more accurately, composite) music, but at the most a turntable can only
be used AS a musical instrument.  In case anyone's wondering my comment
wasn't a put-down of turntablists.  I was saying that the collaborative
dynamic is very, very different.  When was the last time more than two DJs
got together in the same room to "play" together, anyway?

Sometimes I think you wait for my comments specifically, DT. [cartoonistic
pout] ;]

Stephen Goodman
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"Hedewa7@aol.com" (DT) put forth:
> spgoodman@earthlight.net writes:
> >So far what I'm hearing is that of all the folks who have had good
> >situations with DJs, all of those DJs were also players of a musical
> >instrument.
> well, both of the djs with whom i've played are accomplished players of
> musical instruments;
> namely:
> turntables.
> best,
> dt / s-c