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Re: playing w/ dj's

Hello there

>  When was the last time more than two DJs
> got together in the same room to "play" together, anyway?

As it has been mentioned, groups like the Skratch Piklz, the X-ecutioners,
1200 Hobos, etc. get together and play thogether using turtables as their
instrument of choice- they have released many of records this way. As well,
they all have videos availableon which they're just hanging out and
"playing" the decks together. They will often have 6-8 turntables set up
with many mixers, all playing off of each other in a beautifully complex
structure... they have been known to perform publicly this way as well- if
you have a chance to visit a live performance, it can be a very inspiring
and astounding experience. They create some rhythmic structures that I 
almost say are unique to their multi-turntablist format that twist and
turn... wow. I can just say it must be seen.

as well, as far a getting together in the same room to play together goes:
I have done this _a lot_ in my times... we will be set up in a room,
generally 3 or four turntables, 2 mixers... I like to throw in delays and
loopy things as well. we have been known to jam for a long time. And I know
other people locally who do the same, many of whom I have either played 
already or mean to sometime in the future. I have seen this and I have
played with others all over europe as well, so I know it's wide-spread.

I will say, things like this aren't necessarily that widely known, and have
just become much more common over the past few years. However, it does 
and it is musicaly rewarding for the players. it's styles vary as much as
the people involved.

I bet if you dig a little more into it- listen a bit deeper, you can hear 
in a different light.

Thanks for the time,