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Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

dt wrote:

well, both of the djs with whom i've played are accomplished players of
musical instruments;

ah how right you are.  I am in total agreement, however I have to say
that DJs that cue up and crossfade someone else's prerecorded music,
really don't in my mind belong in the same group as those that really
deconstruct and collage music to make it a totally new thing.  I had a
chance to hear and talk to DJ Spooky, and he was amazing.  Very smart,
and great at his craft.  Now there is a musician.

The one DJ that I did play with, did not do this at all.  I've come
across quite a few DJs that seem to have no interest in doing anything
else but the cue up and crossfade thing.  A playlist isn't called a
song, because it isn't.