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Re: Logic Audio Loops

Andrew, I copied this off of the Emagic website...

VST Plug-in Optimizations
- VST 2.0 instruments can now receive VST clock information, making it
possible to perfectly synchronize delays, LFOs and other effects to the 
tempo. Note that the plug-in must request this information from Logic, and
that not all plug-ins do this. Check with the plug-in manufacturer to see 
this functionality applies to the particular plug-in used.
- Internal programs of VST2.0 instruments can now be changed via standard
program change commands.
- The maximum number of VST plug-ins that can be installed has been
- "All notes off" message sent to Audio Instruments after pressing STOP.

Seems they've fixed it eh?


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> On 5/2/01 at 8:58 AM, jdyck@bigpond.net.au (Jeff van Dyck) wrote:
> > Lastly, if there are any VST programmers out there...if one of you 
> > make a simple really long stereo delay plugin that uses the tempo from
> > sequencer and has infinite feedback, this would work better than the
> > supertap, as the waves plugin has a lot of extra features that aren't
> > for looping. Would be great if you could set the length in bars.
> I think there are some issues regarding host-sync support from within
> VST implementation which could make this a little tricky, at least as far
> writing VST plugins with MSP and pluggo goes. Hopefully Emagic will have
> sorted out with Logic 5.  I'm looking forward to Rewire with MSP 2.
> L8r
> A