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Re: Kyma/max

Well then, do you know of any mailing lists for Max? I've looked around 
and I've only found one still operating: the one on Cycling '74's website. 
I would also be interested in information about any mailing lists for Kyma.

I was hoping I could get some info about each systems strengths and 
weaknesses on a deeper level than has been talked about. I knew about most 
of those things already talked about, but maybe I'm fishing for something 
that hard to explain without having used the systems?

I'm not real sure about getting demos. I'll have to look into that. One 
thing, I don't have a Mac, otherwise you wouldn't be hearing from me and I 
would just be downloading the Max/MSP demo and deciding if it's what I 
want. My purchase of Max would also require the purchase of a Mac, and 
since I want to use this live I was thinking about getting a G3 Powerbook 
to use.

If there is anyone on this list in the North Alabama/Huntsville area who 
has MSP or Kyma and would, at the very least, like to show it off, I'd 
love to hear from you. I feel like I'm in some kind of cultural vacuum in 
Alabama. And that all you guys out on the West Coast have all the fun!

Well, if you can't tell, I'm trying to figure out whether or not Max and 
MSP will cut it for me and if it won't, I think I have to go with Kyma for 
the time being.

Ben Porter.


On Thu, 24 Aug 2000 16:29:31   Andrew Pask wrote:
>If I had the time and money I'd get both.
>Both are deep apps with strengths and weaknesses.
>I got Max/Msp not knowing about about Kyma.
>I think at's also valuable to consider support.
>Get on all the mailing lists and check out the communities which have 
>up around each app.Are they cool for newbies?Is the "parent" company
>actively involved?Do they have a good rep for helping out their clients?
>Get demos and try some things out.
>Two things I will say for Max/Msp (not really knowing Kyma from a hole in
>the road):
>-It happily uses most other good quality I/O hardware without fear of
>conflict, so you can have another major audio app using the same set up.
>-There are many people developing some amazing add ons, the NATO 
>processing package is right out there, blows Videolic away, and the
>networking/cross platform/internet possibilties are getting more powerful
>all the time.
>As seems to be the case, no one app will be the magic answer, the solution
>will be some arduously attained and usually uniquely personal setup.

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