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Re: gearhoundism: cheap 'n easy samplers?

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Benjamin Furstenberg wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry if this question has been discussed to the point of tedium, feel 
> to tell me to check archives or elsewhere.  But I'm hoping to get 
> current subjective takes and real-world experience while I'm comparing 
> and eyeing the horizon.  I'm toying with getting a cheap and fun sampler
> small enough to drop in my backpack to complement my set-up.  I have a
> Kurzweil K2000RS which I'm still trying to get to know more profoundly, 
> am not having that much spontaneous sampling fun with, despite its 
>power.  I
> have a Kaoss Pad, which is fun but an unprogrammable toy. For the ref, 
> have Nord Modular, Lexi MPX 1, JamMan, Vortex, R-8M, etc.

Let me preface this by saying that I know next to nothing about samplers.

I'm wondering, though, if a portable minidisc recorder wouldn't be a good
solution.  They have no specific loop features, but for grabbing sounds in
a portable way I can't imagine a better tool.  They're small enough that
you can carry both the recorder, disks, and a stereo microphone in your
pockets.  When you get home you could just dump the tracks you recorded
into your Kurzweil or whatever.

I guess, though, if you're looking to create some sort of environmental
music as you stroll down the side walk you'd need something else, but if
you're just looking to grab sounds to play with later...well.

Just a thought. :)

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear
 to man as it is, infinite."  -- William Blake

Todd Pafford   galen@erols.com