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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

Another option is for us to KEEP WRITTING to Voodoo lab info@voodoolab.com
and motivate them to upgrade the Ground Control.If it only had on/off
messages it would already be one of the best if not the best FC outhere.
Itīs the only one with a big led screen reminiscent of the lake butler and
sends separate  midi comands to different midi channels.I wrote them a
couple of times and they seem to be interested in doing something about 
know the big guys like Fripp,Gilmour, Gunn and others are using them!

> In a message dated 8/27/00 6:02:30 PM, kflint@loopers-delight.com writes:
> >The yamaha and the rocktron are still available, but the others have 
> >out of production
> The FC-200 is discontinued?? Didn't realize that; too bad!
> David