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> How do you "compromise your playing style because of latency"? What kind 
>of latency are we talking about here? I don't quite understand this.

Well, if you play a note and don't hear it for say 100 ms you may find
it a little off-putting - try it.
> One thing about MSP is that it allows you to use VST effects inside of 
>it. This means that you could just use something like Freeverb as the 
>reverb instead of trying to emulate it or use another piece of equipment 
>for reverb. It does use CPU power, but I think it would be better 
>sounding and easier that trying to build your own reverb patches. You 
>could also use reverbs by TC Works, Waves, Steinberg, etc.
Yes the ability to use VST plugins is a real bonus some of the
interfaces were really cool. I had quite a collection when using
Audiomulch and I've been emulating them as an exercise in understanding
Kyma. Kyma though takes you much further. I'm now triggering drum
samples into loops via my guitar with the strength of the note dictating
the pitch and strength of the sample. I also got a bank of detuned
sawtooth oscillators tracking my playing fed into a low pass filter
controlled via a MIDI foot pedal going into a delay and finally reverb.
I'm not saying Kyma's perfect, in fact it doesn't feel particularly
intuitive to me but maybe I'm just stuck in my ways. I like Audiomulch
and I've been thinking in AM terms for over a year but I am starting to
dream in Kyma now!