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MPX G2 (Re: Line-6 DL4 - anyone tried it yet?)

James Pearce wrote:
> opinions on the Lexicon MPX G2 and R1 Midi Control Setup
> if anyone has tried this unit.
> the url for the unit is: http://www.lexicon.com/MPXG2/MPXG2homeframe.html

I got one last winter, can't remember the price.
Very similar to the MPX1, but w/ 2 signal paths,
one for pre-preamp processing and one for post
preamp.  You can very easily take an effect that
you'd normally patch in after a stomp box, such
as pitch shifting, and move it into the pre-preamp
path. You can also put effects into the feedback
path of delays.  

The solid-state distortion sounds are good, but no
replacement for a tube preamp.  After some initial
frustration w/ Lexicon's Signature Amp (crosstalk
between preamp and amp, some tube problems, heavy,
noisy fan, expensive), I've settled for a POD to get
tube sounds (cheap, reliable, sound good, looks
goofy, has a great "swell" effect). 

All the digital effects on the Lexicon are excellent,
including the pitch shifters. There are numerous
modulation options, and midi control options.  There
is a slight delay when switching patches. There
is a basic looper, but I've never used it, I use
Kyma for that.

I don't have the foot pedal, I think it's a rip off,
though I think you can get a good deal on it if you
buy them together.  I use a pair of CC pedals and a footswitch
for foot control, and a PC1600 to change patches.
Until Line6 comes out w/ a high-end rack-mount guitar
processor, I think the MPX G2 is a great box.