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EDP question

My Digitech 4 sec timemachine attenuates each layer as a new overdub is
added.  The result is that new material is in the front of the mix while 
older layers fall away over time.  Does the EDP allow you to maintain each
layer in overdub on the surface (say by using 100% feedback)?  I assume it
does.  Then by varrying feedback you can move a set of layers into the

What about these other looper's that have been mentioned.  Zoom, Akai,
Boomerang, others.  For my purpose the attentuation that occurs with the
digitech can be limiting at times.  For instance, I was listening to a
Brahms clarinet concerto.  The various members of the string quartet were
playing a sort of droning series of chords and the clarinet was playing a
melody over the chords.  I thought that it would be cool to create that
droning series of chords (or, in my case one or two chords given my 4 sec.
limitation).  However, with the timemachine, the chords never quite voice
the way I want them.

Are people doing stuff like this at all.  I've heard samples from the LD
series and from various MPG's but nothing that quite falls into the area of
mimicing a string quartet's chord voicings.

I may be mixing terminology wrong here but hope someone understands the