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Lexicon MPX G2 and R1

>Also I'd like to hear opinions on the Lexicon MPX G2 and R1 Midi Control
>if anyone has tried this unit.
>the url for the unit is: http://www.lexicon.com/MPXG2/MPXG2homeframe.html
>The unit is probably pretty expensive but if anyone knows the going price 
>it I'd like to hear some info on that also.

I've seen these trading used for $1200 altogether on the recycler and at
Harmony Central (that is, rack unit and floorboard). I picked one up very
recently in a trade and like it alot. I have not worked with the JamMan
feature yet (yeah, yeah, I know!) but I have a maxed out EDP for looping. I
suppose I orta monkey with the Lexi JmMan function if for no other reason
than to post a report. So be it. "I'll be back".

Hasta -> Rico