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Re: Line-6 DL4 - anyone tried it yet?

i didn't understand if you're looking for a sampler or a looper....

talking about samplers I can suggest from personal experience the yamaha
A3000. lot of features and most of them really useful for live
playing/tweaking. Consider that you can use the internal FXs (3 separate
blocks) as a signal processor for the live input too (really weird FXs). 
many nice filters. 
128 MB max memory. 
cheap extra output board (6 analogs, I/O spdif and I/O optical)
SCSI as standard. 
probably a new OS in the next months.


At 10.31 12/08/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm on the hunt for a good sampler now.. I've decided to
>back shelf my plans for using my computer as a real-time 
>DSP (Mainly because I've spent the last 2 weeks trying out
>many MaNy MANY mAnY many so-called real-time software
>packages that just made me sick listening to..)
>I've been hearing debates over the Boomerang / Headrush / 
>Zoom 2100 - but I don't see anyone giving their thoughts on 
>the Line-6 DL4 stomp box.
>Has anyone tried one of these little green monsters?
>(off-topic interesting fact: In Dutch, the word Monster means Sample.)
>I am unfortunately in the situation where NONE of the guitar
>shops in my area have ANY of these units for me to try out, 
>so I need to gather as much information as I can before taking
>a drive a couple hours down the road to the nearest REAL guitar
>shop. How I love Connecticut <Sigh>.
>I'm itchin to start looping!  My trio needs something to fill in
>the empty .... spaces ... And I think a looper / sampler combined
>with my E-Bow should be a nice combo.
>Thanks in advance!