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Re: WHY - multiply?

On 14 Dec 2011, at 11:39, Per Boysen wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 8:01 AM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> since I think of myself as the creator of this function its a pleasure 
>> to
>> read what great users think about it!
>> its the one function I used a lot personally
>> and I often felt the desire to change the short base loop after the
>> multiplication, which is possible if multiply happens on a new track and
>> thus only could be done with two EDPs
>> then again I love unrounded multiply too... does it work on several 
>> tracks
>> in some apps?
> Great to read you chiming in on this, Matthias! I may try answering
> those questions for Mobius, since I've been using that looper a lot
> over the recent years. If  "unrounded multiply" would include closing
> Multiply mode by Record it does not work over several tracks (for
> parallel loops) in Mobius. But Mobius has another way to achieve the
> same result: to apply the Instant Multiply or Instant Divide command
> while having activated the Focus Lock for a number of tracks.

nice... but the Instant only does factor 2,3,4 not the free chop out I do 
with Unround, right?
> Since Mobius is a multi track looper the track you chose for creating
> the first loop becomes the Master Track and it is according to this
> track's cycle length all other track are realigning for track sync.
> But there is a command to change the Master Track during a looping
> session. If the new Master Track has been modified by "unrounded
> multiply" I assume the result will be a new tempo and a new cycle
> length as the quantization grid for the rest of the session (if that
> was what you meant by "change the short base loop"?)

I did not mean to change its time. 
since usually roughly the short is the rhythm and the long the harmony, 
its interesting to improve the rhythm after the harmony is done
and obviously quicker and more precise if done on the original track
to change the time of this base loop would be rather crazy to my ears :-)
- unless its a fraction of the previous time... rather Divide than 

I love UnroundMulti to create shocking new rhythms within the same sound 
and trying to imagine now, it could be even better to continue with the 
old harmony loop, chopped in a more delicate way... 
>> so I am even thinking of building the Evoloop without loop saving 
>> function!
> I second that decision. Today's world is already full of recording
> devices, so there's no need to clutter up a performance instrument
> with that function.

hm... its not the same... so save a single loop with another recorder is 
less acurate and practical
I must say I love to record with the same laptop I loop on
and I would love to just insert an USB stick into the looper to have the 
whole performance, even in a more editable way...
its rather the play back funcion I question. also, it needs more UI to 
select the loop than just record

thank you, Per!