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Re: WHY - multiply?

since I think of myself as the creator of this function its a pleasure to read what great users think about it!
its the one function I used a lot personally
and I often felt the desire to change the short base loop after the multiplication, which is possible if multiply happens on a new track and thus only could be done with two EDPs
then again I love unrounded multiply too... does it work on several tracks in some apps?

now this made me type here:
On 12 Dec 2011, at 11:08, Per Boysen wrote:

A personal take:
I just love the open feeling of playing free improvisation with live
looping techniques and I think that this future-wide-open attitude
rubs off emotionally on the audience in a positive way. Can't explain
how it works, but I really have a strong feeling of that happening. I
get the same feeling when listening to recordings of the sixties'
"spiritual free jazz" artists (Sanders, Coltrane, Dolphy and more).
It's "something collective" that "opens up" and it doesn't happen if
arrangements are too rigid or clips can't be mangled on-the-fly. The
Gospel of Looping? LOL ;-)

even on TV they go back to real live transmission of the stupid talk shows. 
seems that the public prefers to watch some real idiot than a perfect movie illusion :-)
so its not just the gospel of looping, but of the NOW - or what?
I remember Randolf saying that he sometimes introduces errors just so the public feels that its real, and this is also a clowns tradition: let the ball drop once and you get the sympathy of the public

so I am even thinking of building the Evoloop without loop saving function!