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Re: another mobius question - a new one!

Ah. That would do it, Jeff. I see where you're going, now. It would be more flexible. Heh, back to the old problem of figuring out what I want...

FWIW, I'll add this:
I suspect I'm like a lot of folks, some of whom have posted here, who have found themselves spending more time programing controllers than they have playing -eventually pack it in, and come back 6 months later having to start all over and never feeling they're getting anywhere with it.
I think I broke the cycle when I just set up my FC300 with the same functions as the EDP and started working through the EDP manual. Yes, it's not exactly the same, but never having used an EDP, it is a start, at least and it is hard to write a sensible controller for something you don't really understand. That led to setting up and experimenting with presets like InsertMode=Sustain, InsertMode=Reverse, InterfaceMode==Flip, etc., on the keyboard. I finally feel like I'm cracking it. It was good to see the EDP.html you posted -very helpful!

Thanks as always for the tools and the support!

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 9:00 PM, Jeff Larson <jeff@zonemobius.com> wrote:

> On Jan 11, 2011, at 9:03 PM, Keith Smith wrote:
> Jeff here's a vote for reconsidering this. Having preset selections
> (including InsertMode=Sustain) bound to keyboard letters is a nice
> way of keeping the midi foot control as simple as possible. I've had
> 5 presets assigned this way for the past month or so and it has really
> opened up Mobius for me. I'd hate to lose it now.

Fair enough. You haven't lost it completely though. One of the under
utilitized features of Mobius I think has been the MIDI Configuration
(now called a Binding Configuration).

You don't have to have just one set of bindings between MIDI commands
and Mobius functions, you can have several of them, give them a name,
and activate them with keys, program changes, or any other kind of
Mobius trigger. They're a bit like presets except they only apply to
MIDI assignments. There is one "base" configuration that is
always active. Here you put the thigns that rarely change. Then
there is one optional "overlay" configuration that you can change
dynamically. You could design one overlay with your MIDI switches
assigned to non-sustain fuctions, and another one with some or
all assigned to sustain functions. It might be a bit more work
than InsertMode=Sustain but it is much more flexible. For example
you're not limited to InsertMode=Sustain, RecordMode=Sustain,
and OverdubMode=Sustain, you can also swap in Sustain versions
of Multiply, Mute, Replace, Reverse, and any other function that
has a SUS variant.

I'd be interested in seeing your mobius.xml file and exploring
whether this would work for you in practice.


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