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Re: another mobius question

On Jan 7, 2011, at 3:44 PM, mark francombe wrote:

> OH OK.. I just fixed it by  set currentSlice 1

Where?  Try the new version, the other problem was that the old
version would start shuffling the subcycle before the one you were
actually in.  The fix is the "Variable shuffleSlice currentSlice + 1"
at the end.

> BTW, I have 1.42... should I switch?

If you don't have any gigs coming up then I'd like everyone to switch just
so we can all start using the new documents with the new parameter names
and I only have to test with one version.  There have been a few script
hiccups after the upgrade though so if you can't wait for
the next version to fix whatever we find in the next week or so then I 
stay with 1.42.