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Re: Chinapaintin' today

Daryl in a box! hee hee hee! that kinda makes my day.

The 2880 belongs to Jim, but someday when we're in the same place again 
I'll see about feeding my tapes right into the digital box. Sure would 
be fun to have individual track ins/outs, no?

You're right about feedback, I normally don't think about that because 
without sound-on-sound and with individual track volumes, it doesn't 
seem so important. But there was a point yesterday where it would have 
been nice to have one thick track fade out gradually on its own.

Yeah, I could put FX after the looper, but it'd be second best to the 
mysterious tapeness I love, the flutter and wobble that comes up when I 
use the low tape speed, the saturation, etc. I think the only advantage 
the 2880 has thus far (next to the two-octave continuous pitch control) 
is the compactness, and adding pedals would erase that edge.

I'm intrigued though. It's very cool.

Daryl Shawn

> Yeah the 2880 is a lot of fun even with the lack of features that I 
> would wish for. They all (that I have tried) lack something :)
> Individual control of feedback (fade) for each track would be #1 for 
> me I think. In fact having each stereo pair seperated synced or not 
> would be the ticket. I play stereo so I have two tracks. Having 
> feedback control of the non active pair so it could fade while muted. 
> I guess two 2880s would be the ticket synced with midi! Yeah! Never 
> mind..
> I agree about the reverse. I find that I don't use it alot and I think 
> it's because the reverse envelope is just not powerful. The EH 16 sec 
> delay was the best reverse envelope I have ever used also. Too bad you 
> can't tap the length of the loops like the 2880. See it's always 
> something. I do use the octave button on the 2880 alot though
>> "Ultimately, it won't replace tape for me as I don't like the sound - 
>> it too closely resembles what I put into it!"
> Well you can put fx after it to where you can't even recognize 
> yourself anymore of course.
> Remember the 16 sec delay was nicknamed the "Fripp in a box"
> I call my 2880 my Daryl in a box ;)
> Hey how about feeding your tape setup into the 2880? I would love to 
> hear that...
> peace out,
> Jeff