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Re: new hardware vst box

Jeff Larson schrieb:
> Plugins that follow the VST spec very closely may work but those that
> make direct OS calls (like say Mobius) won't.

I think they still may work. As far as I know they use wine on a linux 
machine to translate the os calls.

> The UI is also a huge issue.  This thing seems well suited for "set
> and forget" synth and effect plugin chains but not for things that you
> do a lot of interacting with during a performance.  I would have to
> write a custom UI for their little display.

That is the main drawback. I doubt that a laptop has really any 
disadvantage over a hardware box (which is  just hiding a computer 
inside). I am running Powerbooks for years live. They come with a huge 
display, and if something doesn't run, you'll also get better support.
Though these vst boxes are a medicine for musicians with the wide spread 
CPD disease (Computer Phobic Disorder). For those with EGCD (Expensive 
Gear Collecting Disorder) it might release some pain as well...
Like everything in pharmacy it has its price, maybe your health 
insurance is willing to cover it...

If these boxes will drop in price below a decent computer/interface 
combo though, it is eventually considerable, but how should that ever be 
possible? Think about it...


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