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Re: Monsters of Loop

Sorry for coming in late on this...
From my badly perforated memory, I think Nels said in his Guitar Player cover-story from a year or two ago that he did a tour in Europe opening for Bill (or a group Bill was in) and loved what Bill was doing with a EH 16-second delay.  When Nels got back to the States, that he hunted one down...
Here http://www.nelscline.com/tech.html, Nels said he's had the EH for 19 years.
I'm a pretty big BF fan - I'd say how long his playlist is in my itunes but that'd be bragging...  I'm lucky enough to have seen him three times (Toronto, Buffalo, Erie PA).

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--- On Fri, 9/12/08, Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com> wrote:
From: Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com>
Subject: Monsters of Loop
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Date: Friday, September 12, 2008, 11:05 AM

I just saw that Bill Frisell and Nels Cline are doing a show together at 
the Henry Miller library in Big Sur in a couple of weeks (the 21st). Can 
someone please go and report back? I'd give a lot of toes to be able to 
go to this, I don't believe my two favorite players/loopers have played 
live together since before I was even playing guitar (I seem to think 
they were together in the Julius Hemphill band...).

Daryl Shawn