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Re: musicianship for solo loopers?

I couldn't agree more. I had the recent realisation that I have been 
overcompensating for the lack of a band on stage, visually speaking. 
has hit the nail on the head here. Don't get me wrong, visuals can be very 
complimentary in some instances but in my own experience they are 
distracting and a detriment to the musical performance. I guess there 
be something fundamentally wrong with your performance if you rely on 
visuals to engage with the audience and vice versa.


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> samba - schrieb:
>> Dress weird and dance with the music,even when sitting one can 
>> expressive motions in sync with the  sounds.
> This only works if you don't "do" it. Any musician who is expressing 
> herself intensely can't avoid to express it with the whole body. This is 
> evident. Best example is ZoŽ, if you watch her, there is never the 
> slightest notion of her being "trapped" in a chair as she put it in a 
> previous post. Its simply exciting musicianship...
> We all want more of that, because it opens the process of creating 
> it makes it transparent and accessible for the audience. I find visuals 
> which only should make it "more interesting/entertaining" are mostly 
> rather more distracting...
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