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Re: musicianship for solo loopers?

samba - schrieb:
> Dress weird and dance with the music,even when sitting one can 
> emphasize expressive motions in sync with the  sounds.

This only works if you don't "do" it. Any musician who is expressing 
herself intensely can't avoid to express it with the whole body. This is 
evident. Best example is ZoŽ, if you watch her, there is never the 
slightest notion of her being "trapped" in a chair as she put it in a 
previous post. Its simply exciting musicianship...

We all want more of that, because it opens the process of creating 
music, it makes it transparent and accessible for the audience. I find 
visuals which only should make it "more interesting/entertaining" are 
mostly rather more distracting...


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