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Re: Monsters of Loop

It's hard recommending a BF album because he's really over the map and manages to play well on each record.
For maximum loopage, I'd say his noisier stuff is the way to go - pretty much anything with John Zorn (Naked City, filmworks, etc.), the Tim Berne cd, etc.
As far as mellower Bill, there's the Paul Motian Trio stuff, Nashville, Gone Just Like A Train, Good Dog Happy Man, etc.
For just good'n'tasteful, you can't beat Have a Little Faith and This Land (I really like to consider them as a double album).  I'm also surprised how often I find myself reaching for "The Willies" - an acoustic trio guitar/banjo recording he did with Danny Barnes and Keith Lowe....
I'd hit the All Music Guide and see what they rank as four stars or higher... (which is apparently just about every album he's led or co-led!)

Ted H.
Enemies are good for self-definition. Werner Herzog

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Uh oh, this is gonna get out of hand real fast! There are a lot of 
Frisell fans here (Ted, I'm afraid to get you started). For maximum 
loopage, if that's what you're looking for, I'd recommend the trio 
record w/ Dave Holland and Elvin Jones, or the solo record Ghost Town. 
In general, I don't think he's put out a subpar record yet, though it 
all ranges from very outside (Richter 858) to very inside (the 
aforementioned "Good Dog, Happy Man").

Daryl Shawn