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Re: Monsters of Loop


I saw Nels just a couple of weeks ago with Wilco in Bend, OR.

He's a friend and a great guy.

We both used to play (but not at all together mind you) at the old 
Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica, CA in the early to mid '90s at a regular 
"New Music Monday" . . . a series that he curated BTW.

He's more musician than I'll ever be frankly.

In Bend, my college age son and I got to hang with him for about an hour 

Seems like he mentioned the Frisell gig but I forgot all about it (our 
conversation ranged over several topics and it was late at night and I had 
a long drive back to Medford from Bend to look forward to).

You might be surprised to learn how much looping and weird "science 
project" processing  Nels does during a Wilco gig too BTW.

I bet they'll be great together.

I wish I could make it down to Big Sur myself . . . but that's a bit of a 
drive . . . and I gotta save all my pennies, nickels and dimes for gas for 
Y2K8 in October.

Somebody please go to this show and give us a report.


tEd ® kiLLiAn

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you 
didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail 
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---- Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com> wrote: 
> I just saw that Bill Frisell and Nels Cline are doing a show together at 
> the Henry Miller library in Big Sur in a couple of weeks (the 21st). Can 
> someone please go and report back? I'd give a lot of toes to be able to 
> go to this, I don't believe my two favorite players/loopers have played 
> live together since before I was even playing guitar (I seem to think 
> they were together in the Julius Hemphill band...).
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com