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RE: OT: DIY Music Room sound-proofing

In several different dwellings, I've conducted amplified band rehearsals 
recorded one album, mixed another.  In each location, I went to all the
neighbors well in advance of the first event with my business card and told
them to call if the noise bothered them, and that we would stop 

No one ever called.  I kept rehearsals to 90 minutes, usually in the late
afternoon before many are home from work.  Mixing required some volume at
times (and I confess to liking to test a mix by walking around the outside
of the house with all the doors and windows shut), but no one ever
complained.  Offering consideration and cooperation up front may not work
with everyone in every situation, but it is a good investment.

But usually we don't need disco level in our studio, maybe 
worrying about the neighbours is better done with knowing them and 
asking for hours you can make noise without disturbing them too much...