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Re: AMAZING LIVE LOOPING SHOW: Argentina's Juan Molina in SF

Rick Walker schrieb:
> She is a very well known international artist in the hispanic world
> and flies all over the world making good money so she's well out of
> our league.

I don't think so, but she doesn't know our community yet.
ZoŽ for example is also a well known international artist in the same 
league (Juana has some similarities with Imogen Heap). But she wouldn't 
hesitate to show by if its possible within her schedule (as she did in 
the past...)

I guess especially if you make good money with your music, you might 
consider some "off the stream" events to attend and even participate 
just for the fun of it...

I don't know if she is into internet communities at all, as we are 
though, and that would be a necessity, and it needs time to build a 
relationship... (Maybe Y2K10... ;-)


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