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Re: OT: DIY Music Room sound-proofing

I agree. I always introduce myself to my neighbors and give them my 
I try to be considerate of when and how long I make noise. I also have 
had a call. I am also friendly with my landlord who is amazed at my little 
home studio and looping in general. Courtesy is better and cheaper than 


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> In several different dwellings, I've conducted amplified band rehearsals 
> and
> recorded one album, mixed another.  In each location, I went to all the
> neighbors well in advance of the first event with my business card and 
> told
> them to call if the noise bothered them, and that we would stop 
> immediately.
> No one ever called.  I kept rehearsals to 90 minutes, usually in the late
> afternoon before many are home from work.  Mixing required some volume at
> times (and I confess to liking to test a mix by walking around the 
> of the house with all the doors and windows shut), but no one ever
> complained.  Offering consideration and cooperation up front may not work
> with everyone in every situation, but it is a good investment.
> dave
> But usually we don't need disco level in our studio, maybe
> worrying about the neighbours is better done with knowing them and
> asking for hours you can make noise without disturbing them too much...
> Stefan
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