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Re: OT: DIY Music Room sound-proofing

Rick Walker schrieb:
> If you go into your room in the middle of the day and can see a pin 
> prick of light when the lights are turned off,  you are losing a 
> whopping 40% of all the sound to the outside.

This indicates that the guy was worrying about his neighbours, or about
sound coming in from tghe outsid. If you want a dry studio, you want to
lose as much as possible, opening a door will eat some low end, but
unfortunately it will invite also outside sound...

> Foam does virtually nothing,  according to this guy, except to reduce
>  the high frequency content of the audio WITHIN the room.

exactly, and that's what you want inside of the room...
Especially low end at high levels will always reach the neighbours. The
best to protect the neighbours is also to decouple all sound sources
from the walls (the speakers and the piano). The main sound path is
solid-borne sound, if you connect the sound source directly with the
wall, it will be audible all over the house...

> It is bass waves that are the greatest offenders because of their 
> large size.

close the door...;-) (small holes will only pass higher frequencies by
the way)

> From what I have heard (and I"m not expert)  a 30 cycle bass wave is 
> something like 16 feet long.

That's why a small hole wouldn't hurt, but a light wall will just shake
with the bass and pass it as if there would be no wall. The only way to 
block low frequencies is weight. Its not the thickness of the wall, its 
the weight which matters. On the other hand, think about your studio 
speakers, will they be able to produce 30 cycles at high volume?

> Voila,  you have now made your room as soundproof as possible short 
> of spending $3,000 USD or equivalent to build an entire box within a 
> box (yeppers,  that means raising the floor, lowering

Unfortunately that is the only way, a box within a box, and $3,000 won't 
be enough. But usually we don't need disco level in our studio, maybe 
worrying about the neighbours is better done with knowing them and 
asking for hours you can make noise without disturbing them too much...


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