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The loop linearity thread made me think:

I've noticed that despite the ability to have
8 stereo tracks in the Looperlative  (or to run
multiple instances of Mobius, Augusts Loop, or a
Max/MSP or Ableton's Live looper)
the most loops I ever use in a song are 5 and
usually I only use 2 or 3 maximum.

I just find that timbral masking occurs if one is constantly trying
to add layers to one's compositions.

How may loops do we use,  I wonder.

What are the aesthetic pros and cons of multiple layers of loops?

As I pointed out,  Mir O  brilliantly uses tons of layers of loops but
his piece at Y2K6 took up the better part of his 30 minute set.

It was really beautiful but this is a fairly unusual instance from my 
hearing hundreds of loopers from different countries.

How many loops do us use simultaneously?
And why?