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Re: Upwards pitch shift (Was Re: qualities of reverb OT)

Thanks for the info, Andy, I'll check out some of their vids. By  
referring to his speed, I should have mentioned that when I see him  
live, I sit obsessively close and could tell if one of his 128th-note  
runs was popping out with a delay.

Too bad about chords, I was hoping it'd track well. And unfortunately  
I'm less interested in the octave drop, rather that imitate a bass I  
prefer a lovesick seagull.

Daryl Shawn

> HK uses a delay with square wave modulation on the time.
> (it was discussed here just after y2k7)
>> Nels uses one of the original Digitech Whammies, which seems to  
>> track very well (and he plays so fast it'd be obvious if there was  
>> a lag),
> Speed of playing isn't affected by lag.
> (just accuracy of timing)
>> but they're very pricey and bulky, so I was hoping the microPOG  
>> would fit the bill. So is there actually some delay in the octave up?
> yes
> it's not possible to do real time up-shift without some lag.
>> And it's unusably flat...?
> it *is* a bit flat,
> whether it works for you only you can decide.
> why not check out the Youtube videos.
> I'd also dispute their claim that it's polyphonic.
> On simple (rock) chords it works, but on complex chords
> it's nasty sounding.
> The sub-octave tracking for single note lines is superb, however,
> with no delay and good intonation.
> andy butler