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Re: qualities of reverb OT

hi Luis
the Alex has a nice chorus.

I haven't used the higher end Lex stuff, just heard it used .

The PCM90/91 is a dedicated reverb,
the PCM80/81 also has some effects.

Lexicon said that the algorithms in the cheaper MPX100(which I have) are 
pretty the same as the high end units (obviously with less detailed 
reverb, and without the high end analog path) and based on that I wouldn't 
recommend lexicon pitch shifting.

For bass lines, Per used to have the TC Fireworx which did a pretty good 
imitation of a bass when he plugged his guitar in....don't know about 
latency though.(doesn't ever bother Per :-)

Generally the harmoniser type effects introduce too much delay to be good 
for basslines,
only harmoniser I've heard that tracks without delay is in the new 
ElectroHarmonix stuff,
the POG, microPOG and HOG, but thought the sound was a bit wierd, and the 
pitch up was so flat it was unusable.
(it's not possible to do pitch shift up without some delay, but pitch down 
is possible)


L.A. Angulo wrote:
> Hey Andy seems like you ve tried them,do any of these
> units include a decent chorus and poly octave to do
> bass lines with the acoustic as well?
> I am also waiting to hear reviews from the upcoming TC
> nova system,seems like this one would have it all!
> cheers
> Luis