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Upwards pitch shift (Was Re: qualities of reverb OT)

I'm disappointed to hear this. One of the wishes I've never gotten  
around to fulfilling is a good clean octave-up effect. I especially  
like the Henry Kaiser/Nels Cline trick of shifting up an octave, then  
rhythmically bypassing the effect. I don't know what Henry Kaiser  
used, but I saw video of him doing it in the early 80's so I'm  
guessing an Eventide. Nels uses one of the original Digitech Whammies,  
which seems to track very well (and he plays so fast it'd be obvious  
if there was a lag), but they're very pricey and bulky, so I was  
hoping the microPOG would fit the bill. So is there actually some  
delay in the octave up? And it's unusably flat...?

Daryl Shawn

> Generally the harmoniser type effects introduce too much delay to be
> good for basslines,
> only harmoniser I've heard that tracks without delay is in the new
> ElectroHarmonix stuff,
> the POG, microPOG and HOG, but thought the sound was a bit wierd, and
> the pitch up was so flat it was unusable.
> (it's not possible to do pitch shift up without some delay, but pitch
> down is possible)
> andy