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Re: gaspedal - followup - Gordius

andy butler wrote:
> Luca Formentini wrote about Gordius LG
>> I have been super happy to find that these allow me to play even in 
>> very silent environments ( recording together with acoustic 
>> instruments like cellos, violins, flutes...) and are both sensitive 
>> and solid.
> thanks for your input Luca.
> My impression was that the LG buttons are only silent if pressed and 
> released very slowly. I guess what you mean is that the loud click of a 
> stompbox type switch is absent.
> For rhythmically precise use there's a definite click, especially on the 
> release of the button. This is confirmed by Xavier. He says that it 
> wasn't practical to change the mechanics of the switch.
> For an equivalent tap, it's actually a bit noisier than the fcb1010, 
> however luckily it's possible to use a somewhat lighter touch.

Andy, sometimes during fast or complex passages, I have this mental 
disorder ( ;) ) which require that I gradually approach the board, place 
and rest my foot on a button till just the right time.
IOW, I prefer buttons with a bit of initial resistance so I can do the 
'foot resting' trick.
The FCB buttons do allow this, but don't have a definite feel as to when 
they actually engage; always feels like having to really 'press' them.

I also need certain stomp-actions, like pitch transposings, relatively 
brief at-a-time, where buttons with a click-resistance aren't too great.

How would you describe the LG buttons relative to above?

van Sinn