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Re: Random Idiocy From My DL-4

I've had some DL-4 weirdness occasionally, can't remember precisely, but 
something like hitting Overdub and it goes into 1/2 speed. Must be some 
"shorting out" of the circuitry going on (that's about as technical as I 
can get, sorry!).


ejyuhas wrote:
> Hi gang!
> And Iím not referring to my looping skills here! ;-)
> I have two DL-4sÖone of them is not working properly in loop function.
> Iíve tried resetting it via factory standards, to no availÖ
> Hereís the issue(s):
>    1. I step on the Loop button, lay down a groove. Keep Overdubbing
>       say about 5 or so times, and then the next click of Overdub
>       completely shuts off the overdubbing process, along with the
>       running loop, and completely erases everything Iíve just laid
>       down. Frustrating!!!!!!!!
>    2. One time I was Looping, and then switched the pickup on my
>       electric guitar, and Voila!, the loop stopped! Whatís up with
>       this? Could I have some bizarre electrical malfunction with my
>       rig? All my other stompboxes, loopers and rackmounts work fine.
> Has anyone experienced these conditions before? Iíve seen other DL-4 
> issues here in the past, but never this in the archives.
> Also, does Line6 repair, or replace such defective units? Or does it 
> need servicing by an Authorized Repair Center?
> Thanks peoples!
> Ed in NJ
> http://www.myspace.com/edward_yuhas