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Re: OT: new non-live Live sorta-looped audio from Warren

Very cool, Warren! I hear a bit of 70's Miles, especially the light  
wah and groove. Great to hear you cutting loose a little bit! They're  
fools if they don't use it.

And congrats on your job, I'm happy to hear that's working out so well  
for you.

Daryl Shawn

> Also, I've been away because I've temporarily stopped doing thing the
> hard way (i.e., unaccompanied live looping) in order to concentrate my
> limited musical time on producing a few recorded pieces (and on my
> jazz duo gigs, which require quite a bit of practice to do well). I
> haven't recorded to a grid or a beat since my computer was a 386 -
> man, it's easy to edit stuff when you do that and there are meaningful
> measure markers! Wow. So I've produced a couple of pieces I'm quite
> happy with, that show off the wildman guitarist side of me. They were
> both produced as part of an assignment to create a cross between
> hip-hop music and rock guitar for a radio show theme (it's still
> undecided whether the one that actually sounds like hip-hop will be
> used - the other one came out sounding too African for that use, but
> it's cool anyway).
> So, if you get a chance, I'd love you to listen to Tuffer at
> http://warrensirota.com/Brian/Tuffer.mp3 and Afrique at
> http://warrensirota.com/Solostuff/afrique.mp3.