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Random Idiocy From My DL-4

Hi gang!


And I’m not referring to my looping skills here! ;-)


I have two DL-4s…one of them is not working properly in loop function.


I’ve tried resetting it via factory standards, to no avail…


Here’s the issue(s):


  1. I step on the Loop button, lay down a groove. Keep Overdubbing say about 5 or so times, and then the next click of Overdub completely shuts off the overdubbing process, along with the running loop, and completely erases everything I’ve just laid down. Frustrating!!!!!!!!
  2. One time I was Looping, and then switched the pickup on my electric guitar, and Voila!, the loop stopped! What’s up with this? Could I have some bizarre electrical malfunction with my rig? All my other stompboxes, loopers and rackmounts work fine.


Has anyone experienced these conditions before? I’ve seen other DL-4 issues here in the past, but never this in the archives.


Also, does Line6 repair, or replace such defective units? Or does it need servicing by an Authorized Repair Center?


Thanks peoples!


Ed in NJ