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OT: new non-live Live sorta-looped audio from Warren


Y'all may have noticed I haven't been around for a while. I've been
busy  re-engineering my work life (I now have a terrific job as a
senior C# developer at a company that is, amazingly, located a mere 15
minutes away from my home out here in the sticks) and it has been just
too much work and distraction to filter all the tool-related messages
from this list in order to read to the stuff that interests me, which
is news of my many good friends here, music to listen to,  and musical
philosophy. Oh yeah, and book recommendations.

But I couldn't stay away forever. Whether I'm looping or not, this
place seems to be my musical home. And now that I've filtered
everything with Echoplex or Repeater in the title, and I use gmail so
I don't actually have to wait for downloads before deleting (and plus,
the list seems a bit less active), well - maybe it's manageable again.
I do lunch at my desk a lot, and that seems like a good time to

Also, I've been away because I've temporarily stopped doing thing the
hard way (i.e., unaccompanied live looping) in order to concentrate my
limited musical time on producing a few recorded pieces (and on my
jazz duo gigs, which require quite a bit of practice to do well). I
haven't recorded to a grid or a beat since my computer was a 386 -
man, it's easy to edit stuff when you do that and there are meaningful
measure markers! Wow. So I've produced a couple of pieces I'm quite
happy with, that show off the wildman guitarist side of me. They were
both produced as part of an assignment to create a cross between
hip-hop music and rock guitar for a radio show theme (it's still
undecided whether the one that actually sounds like hip-hop will be
used - the other one came out sounding too African for that use, but
it's cool anyway).

So, if you get a chance, I'd love you to listen to Tuffer at
http://warrensirota.com/Brian/Tuffer.mp3 and Afrique at

Also, if I've missed any cool recent music from you, feel free to send
me links off-list.

Best wishes,