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Repeater Pitch problems

> I've always found the time-stretching and  pitch changing algorhythm
of the Repeater to be quite dubious at best, particularly the way
that the Repeater affects recorded data if the tempo has been altered
(even slightly or worse - accidently by  switching loops with the
tempo hold engaged..!!).

>The fact is that you cannot record any usefully unfucked-up audio
once the tempo has been changed.

So nice to actually hear someone else address this.  I really like the pitch shifting aspect of the Repeater, but with the 2.1 update, I find that I cannot use it at all without having to perform a complete reset after I'm done with the effect.  After I've done some tempo/pitch changes, the Repeater can't seem to figure out what tempo to use on ANYTHING after that and all of my future loops are a little (to a lot) whacked out.  Not at all friendly if you just want to mess up a loop and then move on to something a little less extreme. 


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