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Re: Logelloop multitrack realtime audio looper for MAC OS 10.4 and 10.5

Le 31 déc. 07 à 12:41, Per Boysen a écrit :

> On 31 dec 2007, at 11.17, Philippe ollivier wrote:
>> I uploaded a new version of the manual on the logelloop site last  
>> night : http://logelloop.logellou.com/Download.html
>> In this new version Mixed overdub in explained and also  
>> Granulaterre and Delay.
> Very cool, Philippe! I never got the Granulaterre going yesterday,  
> it looks awesome!  ;-)  I found the other Special Effects (SFX) are  
> also very useful. With the Convo I recorded a quick track of fast hi  
> hat-like sounds and then overdubbed a drone on track two to have the  
> drone mangled "by sidechain" from track one. I guess you can assign  
> an expression pedal to the Convolution Balance parameter to make it  
> playable in concert performance?

Yes, i think would not be too complex to implement. I put it on the TO  
DO list.

> The SFX Delay is a also nice. Not only because it actually syncs to  
> the music but also because its input signal is tapped "pre mute  
> button" for the mixer tracks. So you can mute all tracks of the loop  
> and hear only the delay return signal. Nice for a remix style break- 
> down! (wish: I'd like a way to feed back the SFX output and the Aux  
> fx1 + fx2 into the Input, to overdub it into the loop. That's the  
> classic dub trick and it would provide awesome sound mangling  
> options. If you keep the monitor signal path out of this the risk  
> for new users to overload their soundcards with uncontrolled audio  
> feedback is minimized).

I also put this on the To Do list...
Just to say, I am preparing a quad delay as sfx...

> Greetings from Sweden  ...and a happy new year to every one! (gosh,  
> almost forgot about that!!!)

Yes Happy new year to you too and everybody on the list.