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Re: Logelloop multitrack realtime audio looper for MAC OS 10.4and 10.5

At 9:22 PM +0100 12/29/07, Philippe ollivier wrote:
>We are happy to inform you that Logelloop is recently released.
>Logelloop is a multitrack real time audio looper that run on every 
>Mac under Tiger (10.4.10) or Leopard (10.5)


I downloaded the software to try it out, and I'm currently going 
through the documentation.  Everything looks very interesting, but 
one quick question: the docs mention the 2048 sample lag whenever one 
is using the pitch-shift and/or time-stretch functions.  Are you guys 
actively working on a solution to reduce or eliminate that lag, or is 
this something we'd just have to learn to live with?

Otherwise, I like a lot of the functions you've gone to great lengths 
to incorporate.


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