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Re: How do you chain your Effects?

Hi Tony

> I'd really like to find a 16 (or so) channel mixer  that has STEREO
> aux sends.  It's really annoying that I've got a cool stereo signal
> that get summed to mono when sent to the loopers where I re-stereo-ize
> them. I have contemplated re-wiring everything, but it works so well
> like it is.

Yes, my basic problems with most mixers for looping is:
- only mono Aux sends
- (in small mixers) only post fader Aux sends

I have a Mackie Onyx mixer at home that has a nice stereo Aux (Aux 3/4) 
button. It's also nice that you have a button instead of 1-2 knobs.

For a small, compact setup, I've now bought myself a Soundcraft Compact 4 
mixer. It's not comparable to a Mackie, but it is small and has nice 
stereo routing options.

If you are looking for mixers for stereo looping, you might be well off 
looking at mixers designed with recording in mind.

Best regards
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