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Re: Portable field recorders (again)

hi Per,
I read that there was tone recorded with low volume audio if it's used 
with batteries.
That put me off from getting one.
...but if you can confirm this is not the case...


andy butler

Per Boysen wrote:
> On 12 dec 2007, at 02.47, Art Simon wrote:
>> I've got the Zoom H2 and I'm happy with it.
> I'm totally happy with Zoom H4
> As portable field recorder that is. I think It's crap as "sound card", 
> cumbersome as guitar pre amp and I have not bothered to test the four 
> track recording "studio" options.
> The H4 gives a good stereo image by the built-in mics. Mine has well 
> recorded such different ambience as my manual cappuccino brewer in 
> action and a noise EAM band playing through a full blast PA - excellent 
> results, thanks to the few coarse mic input levels to chose from.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.ilike.com/artist/Per+Boysen