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Re: How do you chain your Effects?

I'd really like to find a 16 (or so) channel mixer  that has STEREO
aux sends.  It's really annoying that I've got a cool stereo signal
that get summed to mono when sent to the loopers where I re-stereo-ize
them. I have contemplated re-wiring everything, but it works so well
like it is.


On Dec 11, 2007 5:00 PM, David H <the.31st@gmail.com> wrote:
> Here is my chain: all hardware. That's my taste. Looks like it's pretty
> similar to Tony's set up, using the aux sends of the mixer to assign what
> goes to where and when.
> Acoustic/Electric Gtr. --> Korg AX10A --> Distortion --> Wah --> Flanger 
> Volume --> DD5 Delay --> mixer -->
> aux out 1 --> 2 Lexicon JamMans --> mixer
> aux out 2 --> TC Helicon Quartet --> DD5 Delay (w/ Third Hand on delay 
> --> mixer --> aux out 1
> Aux 2 is primarily for vocals, but I'll sometimes run the guitar or the
> loops through it. So, I loop wet (sometimes dry) signals from guitar and
> only wet from the mic. Then, when I feel like it, dip the loops into an 
> wetter sound. Makes for some pretty awesome effects.
> D.