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Re: I need brighter LEDs

I have this problem and the shoes thing too! I'm partially sighted and find that I have to work pretty much on memorising exactly which pedals I've pressed as I can't see the detail from sitting or standing position. The DL4 was OK as I could see the LEDs associated with each footswitch. I asked an engineer about installing brighter ones and he said it depends upon the current consumption and whether the circuit can cope with it.
I remember Cara saying in a post that she always plays with bear feet to trust which pedals she's pushing - I do this in the summer, at festivals etc, but it feels a bit strange at most gigs!
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Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2007 9:25 PM
Subject: I need brighter LEDs

Here's a thing. 

Did a lovely open air gig today at Will Gile's Exotic Garden in Norwich, great fun, played a good set.


I was set up on the balcony of the house, spouting out my sounds across the lovely garden, it never occurred that when the sun came out, I wouldn't be able to see any of my LEDs on my RC20, soundbite sampler or guitar FX.  Big problem, had to try to create shades while playing.  I usually have the opposite problem, and often need to set up a little light so I can see the controls.

... and the cats!  At one point I had two moggies climbing between my legs and across my pedal board, and one perched atop the mixer.

Playing there again next Sunday; must pack sunshade (but will this encourage rain?) and pepper spray.


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