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Most programmable midi foot controller

Hi all,

I use an Echo Pro for my looping- simple stuff really, no undo  
required but I do use reverse and 1/2 speed all the time.
I am trying to find a more flexible midi foot controller, ideally  
something that can be used to send midi note messages, programmable  
per pedal.

That is it really, but the devil is in the details.
I have a couple of foot  controllers already- that can send CC  
messages, which kinda works except with one the 1/2 speed CC is in a  
different bank (so I have to press bank up, and bank down all the  
time), the other is not able to be set to specify specific values for  
the CC messages, so it seems to alternate between sending 0 and 127  
for each controller number, which means I have to press each button  
twice to get a result, sometimes not.

All I want is to be able to have Rec, Play, Stop, Overdub, Half Speed  
and Reverse on 6 dedicated buttons- it seems like a pretty simple  
I had considered using a Roland PK5 midi foot controller, but it is  
$500, bulky and cannot receive power over midi.

Does anyone have any other options for me?


Jim Richmond