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Re: Recording Programs?

On 25 jun 2007, at 19.49, miles ward wrote:

> Yeah, lots of motor muscle memory on how to do it in acid that's gotta
> be unlearned as I move over to Ableton... I'm used to chopping up drum
> parts down at the 64th-128th note level to remake new percussion
> parts, and acid made that _somewhat_ painfree..  we'll see after a
> month or two with ableton if I can get to the same place...
> -Miles

Ableton is not really targeting that kind of detailed editing. Live  
has this plug-in called "Beat Repeat" that slices streaming audio on  
the fly. In Logic you hold down the alt button while cutting a file  
to repeat that cut's duration, looped throug-out the file.

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