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Re: Recording Programs?

Stephen Goodman wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm an old, old Cool Edit Pro user, and while I've been quite happy with 
> its multitracking etc., I look around and see what everyone else is 
> using once in a while.

I "upgraded" to Adobe Audition from Cool Edit Pro 2.

Audition 1 was pretty similar to CEP2.

Audition 2 adds a couple of features, notably support for VST FX
and a "Master Track" so that you can mix down and add mastering fx
at the same time. It also adds a massive dose of Adobe Bloat, which
means much heavier processor usage and a long boot up time.

I have Audition 2, but still use Audition 1.

If you're not into midi, then CEP/Audition is easily as good 
as anything else I've seen, especially has it has all that
noise removal stuff thrown in.

If you're looking to add to your setup, I'd recommend getting
a vst to DirectX wrapper, and stay with CEP.

andy butler