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Re: cooking music

Please video this when you do it!  I would love to see!  Great idea!   


On Jun 22, 2007, at 4:59 AM, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> samba - schrieb:
>> Preparing and serving food is the only Art form that engages all  
>> the senses.Of course the perfect music is part of total dining  
>> experience.
> I am actually preparing a project to literally cook music. When I  
> am cooking, I am improvising and I love it. Now my idea was to put  
> up my Ondes Memorielles and just record all the sounds which happen  
> while you prepare the food, they go into my delay lines, get looped  
> and build a nice texture, the sound of cutting onions, the sound of  
> the oil in the pan and so on. The audience will listen and after  
> all eat what they heard...
> Unfortunately you can't do that for a lot of people, unless you put  
> up a big band of cooks, which could be fun as well... ;-)
> (I replied to this thread because its not labelled OT... ;-)
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