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Re: [Bulk] Re: Boomerang - Rang III

Midi does not only mean "SYNC" or "PC connectivity" but also "expandable".
With so much functions, it might be useful to add a midi footcontroller.
6 loops * 3 layers with Undo, half speed, reverse, loop extend (is that multiply?), merge,... and all the classical rec, stop, overdub, ... pedals. It seems a lot of function for a 5 (?) pedal board.
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Subject: [Bulk] Re: Boomerang - Rang III

Now *this" is what I'm talkin' bout!!! A floor controlled looper designed for live on the fly improv. Who cares about *midi/usb bullshit? If you are keyboardist, your board can do *that. If your a DJ, your laptop can do *that.If you can keep time by tapping your foot and have a decent audio interface, you don't need *THAT.
My one real concern is that hopefully it will be quiet.
when it comes to an efficient & intuitive floor looper, the RANG RULEZ! 
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