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Terry Riley - Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan

I'm so happy. Just listening to the CD release of Terry Riley's film music
Les Yeux Fermes, recorded in 1972 - classic Terry Riley material somewhat
similar to Riley's landmark LP Rainbow in Curved Air, two long pieces again
which consist mostly of tape looped organ and soprano sax. This music has
never been released on CD - I still have the LP but the pressing had bad
quality even for the time. So hearing it again in pristine quality is
wonderful. Also, another film music is also on the CD - Lifespan from 1974,
which I think I have never heard before and which contains a number of 
different gems - some of them are long delay improvisations but also some
compositions based on song structures. Go and buy this CD if you love early

Michael www.michaelpeters.de