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Re: Terry Riley - Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan / Mouline / A La Ping Pong

On Jun 24, 2007, at 2:50 AM, Michael Peters wrote:

> I'm so happy. Just listening to the CD release of Terry Riley's  
> film music
> Les Yeux Fermes, recorded in 1972

Thanx for the tip! I shall be on the search for this soon-ish.

> Also, another film music is also on the CD - Lifespan from 1974,

Indeed. I still have my LP of this one.

BTW, here are 2 more early, and mainly loop-based LPs, that are  
probably very obscure,
or even unheard of, to most on LD, but are BEAUTIFUL and EXCELLENT!

If anyone ever sees either of these anywhere for sale, GRAB 'EM QUICK!

Michel Mouline- Chrysalide  (197? Crypto Records, France)
Long, (nothing under 5:15 min,and most over 8 mins) spacey,  
atmospheric and lightly rhythmic "journeys" using electric guitar,  
FX, bass guitar, 12-string guitar, and some more.  All instruments  
played by Mouline.  One of my all time FAVES!

A La Ping Pong Phase II (Klaus Bloch) - Go Go Pongs- (1981, self- 
produced LP)
Instruments include "ping pong" guitar, sequencers, loops (a la 2  
Revox A-77s), synthesizer, bass, glissandro guitar, and much more,
although the music comes across as very minimalist sounding. There is  
also a KOOL pic on the back of the jacket
of Bloch sitting in a chair on a dock, or wharf on some beach, or  
shore somewhere in what looks likes a misty morning, playing his  
guitar w/ his back to camera.
In front of him you can see a small 16 channel mixer, and a tiny few  
other things that are too "fuzzy" in the pic to know what they are,
but you CAN see what (even though he is in the middle of them) is  
obviously 2 Revox A77s laying on their opposite sides
for capturing, etc, loops, like what I suspect Eno used on "Discreet  
Music" and later w/ Fripp on their 2 collaborative albums of this  
type of stuff.
A La Ping Pong is another one of my all time FAVES!

I doubt that either of these 2 great albums were ever reissued on CD,  
but I could be wrong too, and I HOPE I AM!
I have already burned both of these to CDrs for my own CD collection,  
and to try to help preserve the vinyl even longer.

-Rev. Fever